Mary-Anne Kyriakou

Mary-Anne is the director of Smart Light globally, and recipient of the 2011 Alumni Award from the University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design. Mary-Anne is voted in the top 100 Sustainable Leaders (2012) of the world. Mary-Anne is the current director of Studio Kybra and the former lighting director for the global consulting engineering company Meinhardt. Mary-Anne is also the founder and festival director for the sustainable light art festivals Smart Light Sydney, held in Sydney on May 26 - June 14 2009 (supported by Events NSW) and Singapore on October 15 – November 7 2010 and March - April 2012 (supported by the Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore). Vivid Light Curator 2011 Sydney (Events NSW).

Mary-Anne is based in Germany and holds a lighting professorship and carries out lighting design and curation.

Mary-Anne is interested in the relationship between design + technology + music + science on raising the public’s awareness and appreciation for more creative, interesting and energy efficient built environments and art works.

Mary-Anne is also a music composer and her compositions explore themes of light. Mary-Anne performs new work in Germany each summer see under 'About' for details.

Mary-Anne's music compositions are created for her light installations. Mary- Anne writes for voice, ensemble and solo instrument. Mary-Anne is a classically trained guitarist and violinist. Michael Smetanin was her music composition supervisor at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Mary-Anne was the recipient of the prestigious Peggy Glanville Hicks Music Composer Fellowship.

Mary-Anne has 16 years of experience in Architectural Lighting Design, including Light Art Specialist Lighting, Conceptual Lighting, Lighting Product Design, Light Art, Lighting Audits and Lighting Compliance Reports.

Mary-Anne has a keen interest in sustainable design in work and leisure environments.

Chore competence: Architectural Lighting Design and Light planning, Sustainable Light Art, Curation, Music and Light.

Excellence in Sustainable Business Development in Asia and Europe.

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